About Us

When the doors opened for Orion Healthcare Technology, Inc. in 1992, there was one simple vision...to develop and bring automation to the addictions and mental health field, making the daily tasks and procedures for clinicians easier to make the lives of their patients better. That single vision grew into what is Orion today.

Orion Healthcare Technology’s goal is to improve the quality of life for communities by helping addictions professionals excel in their field through the use of information technology. The company’s comprehensive approach to incorporating technology solutions for the field begins with its flagship product, the AccuCare Electronic Health Record and Practice Management Software system. This web-based integrated system can streamline the clinical, financial, administrative, research and reporting elements of today’s practices.

With the ever-changing needs of the addictions, substance use disorders and mental health industry, Orion introduced the power of the Internet to the clinical process in 2003, which allowed users to access AccuCare via the Web. The deployment of this powerful system onto the Web has provided a significant solution to organizations across the nation seeking a secure system that will centralize their clinical data and improve their workflow. It is notably the first web-based EHR and Billing System for the addictions field designed to support evidence-based treatment.

In addition to AccuCare, Orion offers outsource billing services, online and on-site training, clinical and technology consulting, project management and technology development. Throughout its history, Orion has gained support from across the nation through collaborative projects with agencies such as SAMHSA, States and Counties, Indian Health Service, and over 1,500 provider associations. All have offered Orion a unique experience to address the needs and facilitate integration within the systems of care.

Insightful development of these, as well as other, clinical technology projects and solutions has made Orion the premier solutions provider in the addictions, substance use disorders and mental health field. We invite you to learn more about our company’s services or contact us with any questions.